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Henna - A Social Intimate

हिना, ਹਿਨਾ , ہننا , Henna

Each culture has its own special ways to celebrate and honour the fusion of two lives, many of them rituals that have been passed on lovingly for many centuries.

That so many contemporary brides and grooms turn to these rituals is evidence of their enduring influence and significance—and attests to the desire of modern couples to invest their ceremonies with meaning and personal and historical context. It's not just a way to personalise their ritual, it is a way to celebrate their heritage.

Small is Memorable - we seem to have forgotten the appeal of sharing intimate occasions with our near ones in today's era of pomp, show, and grandeur.

Henna - A Social Intimate Moments bring back memories that are special to you and those that are dear to you.

  • Engagement

  • Mehendi

  • Sangeet

  • Tilak/Sagan

  • Haldi

  • Roka

  • Vidaai

  • Reception

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